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I'm recently retired from some 40 years of full-time teaching American history, public policy, and social sciences at University of Chicago (1966-1968), Berkeley (1968-1977), and California State University, Sacramento (1977-2007). I completed an undergraduate degree at Oxford University (1960-1963) and received my doctorate from Berkeley in 1966.

I grew up in northern England and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1963. My partner is historian Cecilia O'Leary.

I am author of several books, including "The Child Savers:The Invention of Delinquency" (1969) and "Bloodlines: Recovering Hitler's Nuremberg Laws, From Patton's Trophy to Public Memorial" (2006). My recent work focused on issues relating to public history, memory, and the tragic past.

My new project, "Life After Death," concerns aging, health, and the medical system. This blog is based on a combination of personal experiences and research.

This is how the project begins:

As far as my health goes, for a sixty-five year old I’m in good shape, still working and working out. I live in a metropolitan area crammed with conventional medical resources and non-traditional alternatives. My private insurance plan promises to pick up Medicare’s slack, and I know my way around the health-care bureaucracy. I’m good to go....


American and California history, global justice, politics, sports, theatre, and creative writing.